The Company:

Shirts By Us was started in several flea markets, pressing shirts for customers as they finished their shopping.  While working at the flea market, Shirts By Us was also to be found in a store front which was rented 4 days a week, this was all while working for a local liquar store. With dedication, hardwork, saving, sacrfice,  and the help of his father Roddy opened his first store on Liberty Avenue in Queens.












The Store:

The store was established on June 2nd 1978, first opening on Liberty Avenue in Queens and has since then moved to Glendale, still keeping his business in Queens. The store has been open for more than 30 years with finished professional quality products leaving the store on a daily basis.












The Owner:

Born and raised in NY Gerard “Roddy” Grasmann takes pride in his business and his work. While owning the store he has employeed many family members and friends through out the stores tenure. Roddy is an advid car enthusiast who can be found at many car shows in the area with either one of his two classic cars. He is a die hard Mets fan and loves watching them play. In his rare spare time you can find him on a cruise ship somewhere warm, he loves to cruise with his family. He takes care of everyone he does buisness with and makes sure that his products reflect that. He is a hard working, dedicated, family man who always puts others before himself.